Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well here it goes...

I started Weight Watchers when I found out that my work basically offers it for free.  We pay 50% of the cost upfront and if we make 15 out of 18 meetings during the session we get a reimbursment check.  And since one meeting option is on the work campus I really do not see that being a problem.  To be honest they do not even require us to stay just to do the weekly weigh in; although that option is not the most prefered for the program, since statistically people lose more when they attend the meetings.  I actually enjoy going to the meetings, not only is it an hour away from work and moral support, but each person has their own way of living the plan and hearing their success stories can help inspire one to steps that might also work for themselves.

So here goes the hard part since I have never told anyone my original weight let alone the entire internet community, when I started the program on June 29th 2011 I was weighing in at 245.4 lbs.  I wish that I had taken measurements also at this time but alas I did not.  As of my last weigh in I was at 210 lb, I had actually went up from the previous week were I weighed in at 209.4 lbs.  That weigh in had me losing 15% of my start weigh in.  Hopefully I survived the holiday season alright too.  When I started the program I was wearing a size 20 pants and now I am wearing right in between a 14 and 12, 12 being too tight and 14 being a little loose.

I was really hoping that I would have gotten my physical results back before posting this first post, unfortunately I did not.  Last year during my physical I was just above the reference range for both LDL Cholesterol  (LDL was 119 MG/DL, rr 0-99) and Glucose (Glucose was 119 MG/DL, rr 65-99).  I am really hoping that I will actually have a medically measurable result to prove that the weight loss is leading me to a healthier life sryle.  I will definately post once I recieve the results in the mail.  I can not see it taking much longer since the physical was in Nov 2011.  I am just waiting for doctor review and since it has taken this long I really don't think I am dying or anything.

So I am not exactly sure what all I will be posting in this blog.  I do now it will involve food, activity and goals to a healthier lifestyle.  I just thought that I would give a brief introduction on who I am and what I am about.

Here is a photo from before and this was not even at my heaviest.  It was hard to find one because I use to dodge the camera like no other.

Here is a photo from my work holiday party from Dec 10th, 2011.  It is a cell phone camera so it is not of the best quality but I am still happy with it.

Still have more to go but it is one step at a time....

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