Monday, January 2, 2012

Tonights dinner 01/02/2012

Well I will be eating for a well hamburger helped and some other boxed foods that are past their best by date that I found in my pantry.  Since the food pantry does not take food past their best by date and they were given to me by someone being charitable during my three years of unemployment I feel that I can not waste them.  All though these are not the most ideal foods when it comes to point plus values I do make some alterations to the preparation to lower the points.

So tonight I ended up making teriyaki chicken (bought a marinated breast at Sprouts.  I had them butterfly cut the breast in half.) half of the breast was cooked in the pan  (4pp). 

Steamed some green beans (0pp).

And I used a box of the Betty Crocker roasted garlic scalloped potatoes (one of the pantry items stated above.) I used a generic photo from the internet since I had actually wrote on the box of mine including the best buy date that I did not feel like sharing.  These just in out of the box, without the stuff in them to prepare them, are 3 points plus per serving and a box is 5 servings.

I ended up using these ingredients instead of the milk and butter.  Instead of milk I substituted it for the Greek Gods Nonfat Plain Yogurt, it is usually 1 pp/cup but the box stated only 1/3 cup was need which equals 0 pp.  One tablespoon of the I Can't Believe it's not Butter Light made with Olive Oil (which equals 1pp).  I also ended up adding Gimme Lean Ground Sausage Style (this is a soy sausage substitute.)  This is actually one of the products that I really like.  The soy sausage is 1pp/2oz which is less than meats which are usually at 1pp/1oz, the entire package is 7pp.

So I ended up making a type of potato casserole. The entire casserole ended up being 23 pp.  I ended up cutting it into 4 servings so each serving ended up being 6 pp.  Here is the final product of the casserole. I promise it tastes a lot better than it looks.  It is just a little to salty for my tastes but most boxed foods are.  That is why you will usually see me using my own mixes. I figure this should taste good with an egg on top for breakfast.

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